A Night at "The Other Side"

Our latest wedding photo booth took place at The Other Side in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Other Side was formally a club that has been turned into an event center. It was our first time to the venue and we were surprised at how nice it looked in the event room. The bride and groom were both studying to be doctors and their friends and family were there to have a great time. The open Tulsa wedding photo booth that we used fit perfectly in the front hall of the event center.

After dinner ended the photo booth pictures started and the guests enjoyed the booth for the next 4 hours. There were a big mix of people coming to the booth and everyone young and old seemed to be having a great time. The highlight of the evening for us in the booth was when one of the guests put on a inflatable dinosaur costume and came running to the booth! I have to say that was a first for us during a wedding!

The bride and groom made it into the booth for a few photos before being swept away to go dancing. Everyone had a great time at the wedding and we were able to get the photos online in the same week so the guests could re-live all the fun they had by looking at the photo booth pictures. The open air photo booth worked great for their party and everyone was watching and laughing as guests used different photo booth props to make their pictures unique and fun.